Setup & Aquascaping

Aquariums, Paludariums, Living wall, Ponds & Waterfalls

Consultation for Projects

Consultation for appropriate setup selection.

Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance of all types of aquarium setups.

Revive & Revamp

Reviving and revamping old setups.


Keeping a nature style aquarium not only reduces stress but also blood pressure. Aquariums can be used for partitioning large spaces like separating drawing and dining areas. They come in various shapes like cuboid, roundish, shallow etc. Recently shallow tanks have gained popularity in which drifts and rocks are seen jutting out of the tank with plants growing on it giving an extremely natural look.


Ponds can be made indoors as well as outdoors, There are different types namely: Japanese style, marshy type, waterfall type etc. Usually koi fishes are added to the ponds to enhance the natural beauty.


One of the segment of a nature style aquariums are planted tanks. These tanks have mesmerizing beauty. The plants used in such styles are all aquatic . Like all plants these plants too require light , soil fertilizers and co2 for proper growth, its just like maintaining a garden underwater.


An aquarium is never complete without fishes. Fish will show its beautiful colour and patterns only when they are healthy and they feel at home. We here at IAA create tanks with similar environments which mimic their natural habitats or habitat suitable for that particular species of fish.


To give a totally natural look to your aquarium we use rocks and driftwoods as per the design selected by our clients. Various types of rocks usually used are Dragon stones, Cloudy stones, Ryuoh stones, Manten etc, types of driftwoods used are Mopani, Amazon, Malaysian etc.


Aquarium accessories are the most important part of any setup. These includes Filters, surfaces skimmers, wave makers, co2 setup, lighting set up, thermometers, Chillers, lily pipes etc.

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